Together, a school of fish have the strength of a whale.

YFO is a YF/Yield Farming "index fund", built using the DFO (Decentralized Flexible Organization) protocol, on the Ethereum blockchain. Holding YFO broadens your exposure to the exploding YF ecosystem without spending hundreds of dollars on transactions, struggling to manage many contracts, or dealing with the stress of constant price fluctuations.
Every week, a portion of locked YFO liquidity is released, and is used to fund the purchase of the following prominent and promising YF tokens, plus Ether.


In about 3 months, the real fun begins. When quorum is reached, meaning enough token supply is available for holders to begin voting, control over the organization, its codebase and its collected funds, is handed over to the token holders themselves. Suddenly there is a universe of programmable finance at your fingertips, and the token holders are able to vote to allocate, rebalance and implement new code strategies like staking directly through the DFO ecosystem. As an individual, you might be a minnow, but together, your YFO will move like a whale.

Liquidity mining offers rewards to early adopters. We have two pools available, 80% for one month and 400% for three. Rewards, in YFO, are available for collection weekly through the DFO ecosystem.
All funds will be locked for fixed inflation, liquidity pools and liquidity mining upon full launch. There was a modest airdrop of 15 tokens for initial project advisors. The developers hold a 15 token stack, staked for the longest term.

This is a strange and exciting time we're living in. Too often our digital world feels like chaos, but through this online disorder, we can develop tools to bind this individualized chaos into a force for the collective good. Now is our opportunity to undertake bold experiments, to forge new methods of cooperation, and to free ourselves from the shackles of conventional top-down finance and delegation. The DFO model flattens the outmoded, hierarchal nature of organizing, allowing horizontal decision-making from an even playing field. This is merely step one. For all those who yearn for more, who strive for something fresh and exciting, we are happy to have you on our team.


This is not a financial instrument or investment vehicle. This is an experiment in decentralized economics and cryptographic group organization. Please adhere to all local laws regarding your participation. Proceed at your own risk.